A painting chooses the owner.

No. A person does not choose an art piece. Is the art that captures each individual forever.

I like to keep some paintings because they are special to me. Some are ready to go to a new home, some others will stay with me some more time.  Remember, I am not producing art in series. Each piece is unique and also know that every year I create a limited number of pieces.

Write to if interested in something nice.

Every piece is delivered with a certificate telling the story of the painting : where and how it was done. Why and what is the meaning to the author (so you will know all the secrets!)

Bambu Mediterranean

Salsa prints

300 USD : 1 mts x 1 mts, foot made.


300 USD : 50 cm x 30 cm

Summer varnish

300 USD : 90 cm x 70 cm

Black Tree

700 USD : 2 mts x 1.5 mts

Raices (Roots)

600 USD : 1 m x 1 m

Lonely dancer

400 USD : 70 cm x 50 cm

Migrant woman

600 USD : 1.20 m x 90 cm

Under the sea

600 USD : 1.2 m x 90 cm

Fun flowers

600 USD : 1.5 m x 1 m