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German Paniagua and Carlos G. Paniagua, Director and VP of UNIMER Research International, owning "Piece of heaven", inspired on NewYork's stressful streets where nobody has even the time to see up there.


Michelle Rodriguez and her husband, Personal Vehicule Sales Executive, own "Bamboo, SandStorm" from the "the shinning wind" collection.



Pahola S., Environmental & Legal Private Consultant, owns the "Birth's Fire"; a methaphoric and energetic piece of art, representing the moment of the begining of life.


FRANCE, Cours La Ville

Francis Junker, Senior Sales Executive for the textile industry, owns the  "Golden Autumn", a piece of art showing one afternoon walk in the Rhone d'Alps region of France.



Pablo and Pamela Sanchez, Private Housing Developers,  own the "Samedi Soir sur la Terre" a piece of Art that challenges the eye with several layers and ilogical colors.

CYPRUS, Nicosia

Michalis Koromias, Actor from Se fondo Kokino and part of the Educational System of Republic of Cyprus, owns " the hug "


Also from the Bambu Collection :  "Mediterranean Bambu" painted inspired in the colours of the cipriot everyday life.

COSTA RICA, Paseo Colon

Doctor Francisco Rojas, Private Doctor, owns "Grapefruit" a relaxing painting of the artist's begginings. 


CYPRUS, American Embassy

Jessica Adams and the new Artpieces for her home: Dying Flame and Waterfall, from the Speed Forest Collection 

ITALY, Ferrara

Michela Ferrari has this painting at home,a little fantasy for one of her bedrooms: the "Blowing Feathers".

CYPRUS, Nicosia

Soulla Andreou, proud of her new Art piece, that captured her.


Mr Quinjinhou, took 2 souvenirs home.