c r i s a n t o a l o n s o I e v e n t s

The Christmas Market in 2010

Traveling back and forth, Cyprus seams to be the permanent resident for Crisanto Alonso.  Ending up the year with a good news : The new  Open air Art show had a location in Strovolos, Nicosia, marked with a very well organized exposition, full of artcraft, families, fashion accesories, gourmet products and all kind of creative products .



Solo Art Exposition in the most delicious restaurant of Nicosia : Polychoros77, by Voulla Constantinou. 

The Old Nicosia will witness for again the amazing cypriot nights sourounded by traditional greek - cypriot flavours, and Art this time by Crisanto Alonso. A month full of diferent paintings, Crisanto will be painting live some times at the nights while the night passes by.  .

A space for families, friends and families of all backgrounds will take  place from february 15 to march 16.


The First Scenography in 2010, for Kokini Skini

Kokini Skini, the new Theatre Education Company, released their first children performance and the scenography was  executed by CrisantoAlonso, from the base ideas from the theatrical piece by Eleni Odysseos.  The scenario was a success and the Theatrical was even better! .




What happened in this artist life in 2009 ?

The crisis view. The world view.

Profiting of life opportunities, the year 2009 brought traveling for Crisanto Alonso... not many paintings...  

Since the world began under a crisis mode, Crisanto applied for scholarships in order to look for knowledge in Urban Planning. Karlskrona, the Swedish Cooperation opened this opportunities at Karlskrona, Sweden and Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

The crisis also brought for Crisanto to help at his family business and took part in Food World Shows in New York, USA;  Cologne, Germany and Nicosia, Cyprus... in order to look for opportunities under a new commercial scenario.

An artist who sees the world under different angles?

Well.... crisis brought different responsibilities for this artist, but the feeling of sharing his time in Sweden with classmates of West Africa and Asia.  The satisfaction of supporting his father's work for the first time as negotiator.  The proud of representing his country in the Mediterranean is priceless.

As he says : " life is short and it pushes to places you never imagined  "  

The lesson lerned : Live the "right know" !


2009 Escazu, Costa Rica

Once again the traditional exposition from Escazu, this time held at the new Commercial Center Avenida Escazu.  Good neighbors and new friends, spiced up the 2009 edition.

E U R O P E T O U R 
Nicosia, Cyprus
House of Journalists and
Argos Foundation
OPENING December 17, 2008

Two expositions simoultaneously showing a glance of the Cypriot island. The House of the Journalists (12, RIK Street) and Argos Foundation (64 Ay. Omoloyiton Ave), in the capital, Nicosia. From 17-20 December, Cocktail Opening 5 pm and 5.30 pm respectively.

Come and visit!
COSTA RICA july 2008
San Jose - Rapsodia Lounge

San Jose Volando Expomagazine

Cariari Country Club

Hotel Presidente

Gourmet Cafe PortCity Java 

Bamboo Installation, Art International Festival

Open-Air Show, Escazu

Cariari Interview

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